Velcro Revolutionized The Fastener Industry

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45357264_sGeorges de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, invented Velcro. While in the Swiss Alps on a hunting trip with his dog, he noticed that his pant legs were covered in burrs from the burdock plant. As an inquisitive inventor, he was curious why the seeds attached so to his pants legs. When he viewed the burrs under a microscope, he noticed that they had tiny hooks which caught on fabrics. His goal was then to replicate the hooks creating a material that could easily attach and be removed, in essence creating a zipperless fastener. With trial and error, his hard work paid off because he was granted a patent in 1955.

In the early 1960s, NASA used Velcro on the space suits of the astronauts and on the walls of the spacecraft for storage. This gave Velcro a boost in popularity and many misconceptions exist that Velcro was invented by NASA. Later, it was strengthened by adding polyester and nylon filaments. The armed forces use a silent version of Velcro on soldier’s uniforms to reduce the ripping noise. Traditionally, the military uses custom patches for a variety of uses. Order custom velcro patches no minimum here.

There are many applications for the use of Velcro for all types of clothing, health apparatus, as well as many other products that we use in our everyday life. People do not realize the strength of Velcro. For example, a two inch square of Velcro will hold up 175 pounds. Custom backed velcro patches have gained popularity in sports, advertising, member designation, and so many other applications. For more information, please visit

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